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coconutIndustrial Usage of Coconut Milk Powder

Coconut Milk Powder as a Premium Flavour Enhancer

Whilst the coconut flavour has always been popular around the world, the commercialization of coconut as a flavour enhancer began in the late 70’s globally. This was a new trend for most manufacturers of ice creams, chocolates, confectionery, etc.

As a result, most manufacturers introduced a new range of products with the coconut flavour and it caught up fast especially in the European markets. Hence, Nestlé’s launch of Nestlé Coconut Milk Powder back in the year 1986 was a timely effort to promote this product and we have now positioned our product as one of the most sought after flavour enhancers among most manufacturers.

Nestlé Coconut Milk Powder is manufactured from natural Sri Lankan coconuts. It has no artificial flavours or preservatives and is a superior flavour enhancer.

Nestlé Coconut Milk Powder is your ideal choice as a flavour enhancer/ingredient in manufacturing bakery and confectionary products.

Our Coconut Milk Powder can be used in different applications to suit the requirement of the manufacturer.

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