Preparation of MAGGI Noodles


Misleading emails warning of the potential health hazards of Maggi Noodles have been floating around on the internet for years. Many people have checked with us and with independent sources, to confirm that this mail is a hoax.

MAGGI Noodles is trusted by generations in Sri Lanka and comes to consumers with the very best quality. MAGGI Noodles is fortified with vitamin A and calcium, providing 1/3 of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for both nutrients. RDA is the estimated amount of a nutrient per day considered necessary for the maintenance of good health). MAGGI Noodles also includes vegetables in its noodles seasoning.

Here are some facts to set your mind at ease -

  1. MAGGI Noodles do not contain wax in any form – it is not coated in wax, does not contain wax as an additive and we do not use wax as a by-product in any of the manufacturing steps, including packaging.
  2. MSG is a food additive made using natural, plant based ingredients. When cooking, it does not form toxic substances as mentioned in the e mail. MSG is a permitted flavour enhancer under local regulations as well as internationally accepted food standards like Codex.
  3. You do not need to drain the water in which you make MAGGI Noodles. The method of preparation is printed on MAGGI Noodle packs and is the accurate and safe way to prepare it.
  4. Rigid quality management processes are applied starting at raw material and supplier selection and do continue throughout manufacturing until distribution to end consumers, ensuring you can enjoy your preferred instant MAGGI noodles in consistent quality at any time.

In Nestlé, quality, food safety and regulatory compliance are non-negotiable. As a leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company across the globe, you can continue to trust that all Nestlé products guarantee the highest level of food safety.

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