Tastier, Healthier and So Much More....

Creating Shared Value...

is how we’ve always done business at Nestlé. Our commitment to great tasting, healthy and trusted products is tied to our respect for the environment and the people we work with, including the farmers who supply us raw ingredients and the communities where we operate.

With a focus on Nutrition, Water and Rural Development, we work to source, manufacture and package our products in socially-responsible and environmentally-sustainable ways; giving consumers even more reasons to trust and enjoy Nestlé products.

Nutrition Nutrition


As the world’s leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company, we believe that the future lies in helping people achieve a healthier diet. Whether it is addressing under-nutrition at one end of the spectrum, or over nutrition and other nutrition related non- communicable diseases at the other, we are committed to help people everywhere through improved nutrition and understanding.

Water Water

Water and the environment:

Our ambition is to produce tasty and nutritious food and beverages that also have the lowest environmental footprint. We continually work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, eliminate waste and improve our packaging.

Rural-development Rural development

Rural development:

Agriculture employs over one-third of the world’s working population; three-quarters of the world’s poor people live in rural areas. Nestlé's rural development programs benefit more than 680,000 farmers across the world and contribute to improve farming practices, improve environmental stewardship and enhance quality of life in farming communities.

Here are just a few examples of how Nestlé brands in Sri Lanka are active in helping communities.

Nestomalt Marathons Energising the Nation

Milo Encouraging an Active Lifestyle Through School Sports

Promoting early learning: Nespray Singithi Lokaya

The Nescafé plan The world’s most popular coffee brand is also a leading force in helping coffee farmers around the world through provision of high-quality coffee plantlets, enhanced farming practices and environmental improvements - from coffee beans to consumers’ cups.

Helping to improve cocoa quality and life in cocoa-growing communities, this long-term programme and significant investment allows Nestlé's chocolate brands, like Kit Kat, go beyond great taste to offer more sustainable cocoa – The Nestlé Cocoa Plan

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